About Me


I am Shaji C George born and raised in a poor Christian family and was the eldest among the 5 children of my parents. My childhood was not pleasant because of starvation and the scarcity of other essential needs. During my school life, I only had one pair of dresses to wear for the whole year. I didn’t get an opportunity to own a school bag or an umbrella. At that time I had a strong desire to wear a pair of rubber slippers.

while I was sitting in the classroom I used to borrow it from my friend to satisfy my desire. At home those days were miserable, there was nothing to eat. Usually, we had only rice or rice soup or boiled seeds of jackfruit. The rice was bought from a ration shop and not up to the quality. My parents strived hard and suffered a lot to bring up my siblings and me. During my adolescence, I realized the suffering of my parents and I decided to do all kinds of labor works such as painting, helping Maison, road works, construction works,  rubber tapping. I have even done the work of digging graves that no other children did when they are at 14 or 15. I kept giving all the money I earned from work.

I continued this kind of job till my college and I was thinking everything will be fine but the result was a disappointment. At that time I got a chance to listen to a gospel message from Bishop Dr. M A Thomas. His message and testimony influenced as well as challenged me. On the same day, I dedicated my life to work for the lord. I decided to take care of ten poor people. After that, I got a chance to study the word of god at a theological seminary in North India and I took Bachelors’s degree in Theology. During that period I got an opportunity to serve and stay with leprosy patients in their colony. We gave them free tuition and vacation bible school as well as a bible study for their children.

In 1996 I married Beena who was also dedicated to this service. Because of god’s grace, my desire was fulfilled. I took care of two orphans in my home itself at 1999. My house was a small one made of mud bricks but the number of children increased up to 10 in the same year. So we shifted to a house for rent. At present God has given us land and building. Many people helped us to make the building. Now my wife Beena and our children Jameema, Joel, Jessica, Juliya are also staying together with our precious children in our children’s home. In 1999 I started church ministry and we have a small church with around 75-85 people gathering together for worship. Also, around 25 pastors are working under my leadership and serving the lord with me.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • We make sure No Child Goes Hungry.
  • No child goes unschooled.
  • No child goes unprotected.
  • No child goes Unloved.
  • No child goes homeless.
  • No child suffers violence.

Our Vision

  • Taking care of orphans 
  • Helping the poor & needy
  • Shelter Home for widows
  • Taking care of abandoned
  • Free tuition center for poor kids
  • Day boarding for poor children
  • Community Development
  • Old age home 
  • Water project
  • Anti-drugs awareness
  • Dowry caste away
  • Conduct a medical camp
  • Sacred music
  • Church planting
  • Bible college & seminary
  • Aids awareness
  • Arts & Music instrument classes

Reaching the Unreached by Music

Associated for community Developments

Helping the people affected by flood